the company PIXLA

Photos, Movies and Motion Graphics. Among other things.

by Andrée Markefors

Pixla Photosbrilliant visuals

Give your company a fresh new face!
Let great photography represent your ideas and visions. Quality images have a long shelf life and is a well worth investment.

Pixla Moviesvisions in motion

Take your customers on a tour behind the scenes or present your product in the best possible light.
A short film is a great way to connect with your clients and leave a lasting impression.

Pixla Graphixemotion graphics

Educational posters or animated films provide a deeper understanding of complex topics.
Animated films are a great way to educate customers and employees alike!

The person behind the camera

Hi there! My name is Andrée Markefors. I primarily support the swiss ANS provider Skyguide with digital content for their marketing.
I grew up in Sweden, but live in Zürich since 2002 with my wife and our two princesses.
While I do enjoy pretending that taking photos, making movies and creating stuff on my computer is actual work, more than anything I’d like for my camera to take me to new places and bring me new experiences.

When you decide to finally go through with that cool project and you need a guy hanging out of a helicopter with a camera—you let me know. Deal?

  • Step One An idea is born


    Let’s do this together!

    A customary beginning to a new project is meeting over coffee. Let’s do that and talk about:

    • • Your goal
    • • Your timeline
    • • Your budget
    • • Your long term vision
  • Step Two First Draft

    Your Label

    Scribble, scribble

    Based on what we talked about in the first meeting I get to work on a rough draft. Depending on the project I’ll do:

    • • Hand drawn sketches
    • • Take preliminary photos
    • • Build animatronics
    • • Create a text based animation
  • Step Three Approval

    Your Label

    Cherry picking

    Time to shop and to finalize the deliverables based on rouhgly sketched out ideas. We try to maximize impact based on:

    • • Your goal
    • • Your timeline
    • • Your budget
    • • Your long term vision
  • Step Four Production

    Your Label

    The rubber and the road

    At this point, I should have all the information I need to complete the project. Thanks to modern online tools we can keep in touch over Frame I/O. Naturally, if we need to talk in person, we’ll set up a meeting.

  • Step Five Verification

    Looking at the seams

    We are getting closer to the deadline and it’s time for a reality check to make sure we reach our goals:

    • • Overall tone
    • • Rhythm and tempo for movies and animation
    • • Schedule any re-shoots or additional audio

    I prefer to do this meeting in person to verify that we are on the same page.

  • Step Six Final Touches

    Your Label

    A last once over

    Anything that cought our eye in the last verification meeting gets ironed out. I prepare the deliverables in the correct format

  • Step Seven Delivery

    Your Label

    Elvis has left the building

    I hand over your new digital assets to you! Depending on size you will get a download link, a USB stick or a portable hard drive.