Comparing Canon Log to Pixla HTP

I shot two simple scenes (back and front lit) with my Canon 1Dc in 4k resolution, 8bit, 422, MJPEG at 500Mbps.

First you see the Canon Log clip as it comes out of the camera. Then the same clip graded. Then my Pixla HTP settings at the same exposure value (EV), then the Pixla HTP settings stopped down one stop (which puts it closer to Canon Log). At the end of each scene I repeat the graded Canon Log so that you can do a direct comparison to the Pixla HTP when it's stopped down one stop.

Typically, the base EV was around 12 (f5.6, ISO400 1/50 and 0.9ND—3 stops).

Note: Pixla HTP is Neutral PP with contrast and sharpness all the way down, and saturation at -1. In addition, Highlight Tone Priority is active. See separate blog post here.